Cork Physiotherapy Fees

Physiotherapy Fees


Injury Rehabilitation

Standard Consultation
(including first visit)

Follow-up Treatment
(30-50 min.)

Sports Massage Cork

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
(30 min.)


Physio Pilates
(45 min., 1 to 1)


Chiropractic Fees


First Visit
(new patient)
€85  €39!

Our Chiropractic fees are dependent on the required amount and type of treatment and care for each individual patient and this information will be given to the patient and agreed upon before any treatment begins.


Orthotics Fees


gait scan

Assessment + Gait Scan
(new patient)

 – We will never prescribe custom orthotics unless absolutely necessary! –


Physiotherapy and Chiropractic are included in most health insurance plans, such as VHI, Laya Healthcare, Hibernian Aviva, GAA Injury Scheme and Garda Society Health.


How to reduce your fees to as little as €8 per treatment


Would you like to reduce your physiotherapy fees to as little as €8 per treatment?

Here’s how to get money back on your treatment:

1. Register your business or club (of 20 people or more) with Cork Physiotherapy to become a member of our Loyalty Clients Club and receive a €10 discount on consultation fees!

2. Recover costs of treatment from your medical insurance. Chartered Physiotherapy is eligible for a refund with VHI, Liberty Insurance, Hibernian Health (Aviva) and the Hospital Saturday Fund among others (however we do advise you to check your policy in case of additional terms and conditions). Reimbursement rates vary depending on your policy but as much as €40 per treatment can be reclaimed.

3. Tax relief is available on all Chartered Physiotherapy costs at 20%. Therefore, if you register with us and spend €50.00 on a standard physiotherapy consultation, you will be able to reclaim up to €40 back from your health insurance. The remaining €10.00 is subject to tax relief. You can then claim 20% in tax relief, leaving the cost to you as €8.00

Even if your medical insurance only allows you to reclaim the base level of €25 per treatment, you should only end up paying €17.00 per treatment.

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