First Physiotherapy Visit in Cork

cork physiotherapy clinic

Contact us today to book your first Physiotherapy visit with us in Cork City!

Telephone: 021-4295800


Location: Endsleigh Lodge, Douglas Road, Cork

Our team can help people of all ages and abilities recover from physical injuries (whether related to sports or not!) delivering quality physiotherapy service at an affordable price.
Usually, treatment will be given at the first appointment, along with some advice and education. The initial physiotherapy appointment takes approximately 50 minutes.

What happens on your first visit?


The physiotherapist will take a complete history of the presenting complaint:

  • What happened and when?
  • Is it improving/getting worse/staying the same?
  • What makes the pain worse or better?
  • How is your sleep affected and what position are you sleeping in?
  • What are your activity levels / your occupation?
  • Any other past medical history

The physiotherapist will then do a physical assessment which may involve some tests looking at:

  • Range of movement
  • Strength and power
  • Functional activities
  • Joint movement/stiffness
  • Neurological status

After the physical examination, the physiotherapist will be able to put all the findings together to make a diagnosis and guide you on the best way to overcome your injury or pain.

Established in 2001, our clinic is Ireland’s first combined Chiropractic & Physiotherapy practice.

Our team of highly-experienced physios and sports rehabilitation specialist is effective in the treatment of sports-related injuries for both professional and amateur sports people.

We pride ourselves on providing a warm, professional and friendly clinic, conveniently located on Douglas Road, Cork City.

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